Access to Care

enrollment Access issues not only relate to medical care, but also to mental health, oral health and vision services. These issues range from the need to increase provider capacity to patients needing help to navigate the health care system.  

Even with access to the ACA, large numbers of eligible residents remain uninsured and there are an estimated 108,000 undocumented residents who are currently uninsured and not eligible for ACA coverage. Finally, many of the newly-insured lack the information necessary to effectively use the health care system.

Seventeen (63%) hospitals analyzed in this report identified access to health care services as a priority emerging from their Community Health Needs Assessments.


Best Practices for Outreach and Enrollment for Health Centers
Enroll America highlights the crucial role health centers play in outreach and enrollment and the best practices they can implement as health coverage opportunities are expanded.

Medical Transportation Toolkit and Best Practices
Outlines how community transportation can assist health organizations, explains Medicaid's role in medical transportation, inventories non-medicaid funding possibilities, and describes how to make use of existing transit. From the Community Transportation Association of America.

Model Practice Database
NACCHO site allow users to search promising and best practices, and has a specific category dedicated to Access to Care. 

Quick Guide to Health Literacy
A basic overview from of key health literacy concepts, techniques for improving health literacy through communication, navigation, knowledge-building, and advocacy, examples of health literacy best practices, and suggestions for addressing health literacy in your organization.

Social Determinants
A searchable catalog of best practices for eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities and addressing the social determinants of health compiled by the Center for Health Equity Social Justice.

What Works for Health: Policies and Programs to Improve Wisconsin’s Health
Project analysts assess strategies that could improve health through changes to health behaviors, social and economic factors, clinical care, and the physical environment. Each strategy is assigned an evidence rating, expected outcomes, and links to helpful resources. Implementation in Wisconsin and elsewhere is discussed. An assessment of potential reach and likely impact on disparities for each strategy is also included.




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